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puresthearts's Journal

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Kairi is about 5' 5" and weighs approximately 115 lbs. She is of an extremely thin frame, despite being a decently healthy weight for her height. She has an extremely bony appearance, leading many to believe she is anorexic. Kairi's eye color tends to change between purple and blue depending on certain factors. She has extremely dark circles around her eyes, and her nails are constantly bitten down to the quick. She has red hair that is a little over shoulder length. She seems to somehow be effortlessly beautiful, but in truth she puts a lot into her appearance.
Kairi is normally a rather agreeable person. She is playful, full of smiles, and friendly. She likes people. She is slightly klutzy and quite forgetful. At least, that's how she tries to present herself to others. However, she is actually very insecure. She is very afraid of getting close to people. She is also very aware of her image. She tries very hard to keep herself beautiful, which is what always stopped her from doing anything destructive to her body.

Kairi is very anxiety-ridden, as extremely low self-esteem and is very depressed, but she hides it well. She is afraid of herself more than she is afraid of others, which is why she can overcome her fear of people at all.

Despite her normal exterior, Kairi can snap in a second. When she does snap, she will be out of commission for several days. When she finally starts to feel better she will act as if nothing ever happened.

She hates to talk about her problems. She prefers to act as if she is completely normal, hoping that maybe this delusion will make it true.
How Kairi Got to Malaise
Kairi currently lives with her boss (she works at a coffee house). Due to the close quarters, her boss began to realize that Kairi had more problems than she let on. After Kairi had had several terrifying episodes her boss suggested that Kairi see a psychologist, which Kairi fought for awhile. Finally, she convinced Kairi to go. There she was diagnosed with multiple problems. It was suggested Kairi seek more in depth help. Kairi agreed, but she wasn't thrilled about it. After the first visit with her new doctor, however, Kairi flipped out. She attacked the doctor, and she was sent off to Malaise.
Symptoms Experienced
Kairi will sometimes go into vegetative states that last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. When she finally snaps out of them, she has no recollection of the event. She will also sometimes forget who she is or where she is or who the people around her are. When this happens, she completely shuts down and freaks out if anyone comes near her.

Kairi suffers from very mild androphobia. She gets stressed out around men, but she can normally handle it. However, if she is in close proximity for extended periods of time she will suffer from severe anxiety attacks.

She also suffers from intermittent personality disorder. This is extremely detrimental to her leading a normal life as she lashes out at the people around her, and then she feels extreme shame over it.

It may also be worth noting that Kairi suffers from panic disorder, will answer people with information not pertinent at times, and suffers from night terrors that cause her insomnia despite not having a memory of what happened in them.
Name: Kairi Yoshio
Age: 17
Disorders: Amnesia, Intermittent Personality Disorder, & Androphobia
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 115 lbs
Sexuality: Homosexual
Likes: People, socializing, making herself pretty, eating
Dislikes: her father, mean people, herself, being alone, being mean
Eyes: Blue or purple depending on the lighting and other factors
Hair: Red
Personality: social, nice, apparently happy, depressed, lonely, afraid, anxiety-ridden
Talents/abilities: hiding how she feels, making friends, cheering people up, makeovers
Love Interest: None

Kidnap? Sure.
Noncon? Sure.
Angst? Hellz yes
Attack? Go for it.
Kill? No please
Het, yaoi, yuri? Yuri
Rating? She'll rate anything, meaning from G to NC-17

Any other notes? None that I can think of at the moment

AIM: DarkGoddess700
MSN: googoodolls@charter.net
email: sirenqueen@charter.net
Played by: my_closure

Dislaimer: Original character property Square Co., played for malaisehouse.
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